Saturday April 29, 2017
CRADLEY boss Will Pottinger was left wondering what could have been after their frustrating 51-36 defeat against Eastbourne at Arlington.

The Motor Market Heathens were led by a stunning 15-point maximum from Danny Ayres but were unable to capitalise and claim any National League points.

It was a tough evening for Pottinger’s side, who ran 11 last places and were made to pay the price for a nightmare spell between heats 10 and 12.

And Pottinger felt they missed an opportunity to get a result after Ayres’ heroic display.

Said Pottinger: “Obviously we can’t fault Danny Ayres, who was absolutely superb tonight, but it’s frustrating not to get anything.

“On another day we could’ve left Eastbourne with a result, but those three 5-1s towards the end killed us in the end.

“We just had too many last places in the end, and there were a lot of bike problems that we’ll need to sort out.

“Overall I don’t think we’re doing badly, but we need to do better and we’ll definitely be looking to improve and get back to winning ways against Lakeside on Monday.”

Guesting No.1 Jon Armstrong and Dan Greenwood both recorded race wins but otherwise struggled to make an impact.

Greenwood and fellow middle order man Luke Harris were plagued by bike problems, whilst Conor Dwyer and Ryan Burton also experienced tough evenings.

Young gun Joe Lawlor improved as the evening went on and ended with a victory in the penultimate race, but it was not enough to help his side earn a consolation point.

EASTBOURNE 51: Tom Brennan 15+1, Mark Baseby 9+3, Georgie Wood 8, Connor Coles 7+2, Charley Powell 6+2, Matt Bates 3+1, Kelsey Dugard 3.
CRADLEY 36: Danny Ayres 15, Joe Lawlor 6, Jon Armstrong 4, Dan Greenwood 4, Ryan Burton 4, Conor Dwyer 2+1, Luke Harris 1.


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