Thursday May 18, 2017
CRADLEY boss Will Pottinger was fuming after seeing the National League clash at the Isle of Wight abandoned after five heats.

Heathens were 17-12 up with drizzle falling at Smallbrook Stadium when referee Dave Robinson pulled the plug despite the Heathens riders making it clear they all wanted to race on.

And Pottinger said: "We could have raced on and we could have got to 10 heats which would have meant we wouldn't have to to come back all this way.

"I'm not impressed by the way this was handled at all.

"All our riders were happy to race on. We were attacking the track and being sensible at the same time.

"It's disappointing and a big shame for the travelling Cradley fans who came all this way.

"And for Robinson not to even come to the pits to tell us of his decision is disgraceful in my eyes.

"My riders and myself are not happy - safety is paramount but all our team were happy to race on.

"He looked after Heat 4 and the weather and track was no different after Heat 5 when he called it off."

Heathens will return to the island later in the season once a date is agreed between the clubs.

ISLE OF WIGHT: James Cockle 4+1, Ben Woodhull 3+1, Chris Widman 2, Lee Payne 2, Jamie Sealey 1+1, Ben Wilson 0, Tyler Govier R/R.

CRADLEY: Danny Ayres 6, Tom Perry 3, Joe Lawlor 3, Ryan Burton 2+1, Dan Greenwood 2, Luke Harris 1+1, Conor Dwyer 0.

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