Sunday July 02, 2017
CRADLEY boss Will Pottinger struggled to hide his frustration following his side's 47-43 defeat at Stoke.

While the Motor Market Heathens never actually found themselves in front at Loomer Road, there was a strong feeling amongst the visitors' camp that they should have left with a win to their name.

But a total of five falls and three sets of mechanical gremlins proved costly in the end - forcing the Heathens to settle for a consolation league point.

Said Pottinger: "In my mind we should have won that meeting and I'm extremely disappointed that we didn't.

"We threw far too many silly points away and you can't afford to do that in any meeting.

"The track was tricky and far from ideal, but it's the same for both sides so we can't use that as an excuse.

"Stoke simply adapted to conditions quicker and better than we did - thankfully all the lads are walking away in one piece though after a couple of the incidents.

"Mid-meeting we were on the wrong end of some disappointing heat results and unfortunately three 5-1s in the last five races weren't enough for us to get the win.

"We're definitely not heading back home with as many league points as we should be and hopefully they aren't the difference between us making or missing out on the play-offs come the end of the season.

"Fortunately there's still plenty of meetings to make up those points and without a doubt we need to get back to winning ways at home to Buxton on Monday."

Guest No.1 Ben Morley rode brilliantly once again in Heathens colours as he dropped just one point to the opposition.

After Tom Perry suffered from electrical problems in his opening two rides, he recovered well to go unbeaten by a Stoke rider in his final three.

Guest James Cockle took the chequered flag in his opening outing - but he should have had an extra six points to his name. The Isle of Wight man led both Heats 10 and 12, but was caught out by conditions on bends three and four of the final lap on both occasions.

Conor Dwyer and Luke Harris both had a fall apiece on an up and down evening for the duo, while Shelby Rutherford produced a steady display on his debut.

After a disappointing start to his meeting, Joe Lawlor showed good character to strike back with a paid win in his final ride to link up for a 5-1 with Ben Morley in Heat 11.

Former Cradley title winners Max Clegg and Matt Williamson return to Monmore Green on Monday when the Heathens host Buxton (7.30).

A full preview will be issued on Monday morning.

STOKE 47: Paul Burnett 12+1, Mitchell Davey 10, Tony Atkin 9, Ryan Terry-Daley 6+2, Luke Priest 5, David Wallinger 4+1, Joe Alcock 1.
CRADLEY 43: Ben Morley 13+1, Tom Perry 9+2, Conor Dwyer 6, James Cockle 5, Shelby Rutherford 4+1, Luke Harris 4, Joe Lawlor 2+1.


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