Monday July 24, 2017
TEAM boss Will Pottinger revealed Dan Greenwood would undergo further medical assessment after his fall in Cradley’s 54-35 victory over Stoke Potters.

The Motor Market Heathens number three was left suffering pain in the same left shoulder that contains metal work from an old collarbone break.

The awkward fall happened on turn four of heat 12 with the red lights already on for a previous incident.

“It is a possible shoulder or collarbone injury,” said Pottinger. “We hope Dan is not too badly injured and just have to wait to see what the damage is.

“All we can hope at this stage is that it will not be bad news. He broke that collarbone last year and has a plate in there which could be bent.

“He will have to get checked out properly and then we’ll know more, fingers crossed there are no breaks or serious problems. It was a sad way to finish the night after what was a good win in the end.”

The match itself was incident packed with falls and exclusions aplenty and it took until heat 12 for the Heathens to truly stretch their legs.

Leading lights Danny Ayres and Tom Perry carried the fight throughout, claiming full and paid maximums respectively from five rides apiece.

Despite taking chequered flags in four out of six races, Cradley were a point down until skipper Perry led a 4-2 in the seventh before Greenwood and Joe Lawlor teamed up for a first 5-1 to grab a five-point cushion after nine.

Stoke’s David Wallinger was fortunate to miss a member of track staff having lost control and swerved on to the centre green in heat 10 but a fall for Conor Dwyer and Greenwood’s incident briefly stemmed the Heathens tide.

In the end, Ayres and Perry cruised around in heats 13 and 15 to cap their fine performances with Lawlor and Dwyer living up to the same standard in 14.

“We took a while to get the cogs moving, I don’t know why but once we did it was like a steam train,” Pottinger added.

“The three 5-1s at the end made it look like a quite emphatic victory but to start with, it was nothing like that. We got three league points, though, that was all that mattered.”

CRADLEY 54: Danny Ayres 15, Tom Perry 13+2, Joe Lawlor 8+2, Conor Dwyer 8+1, Dan Greenwood 5, Luke Harris 4, Tyler Govier 1+1.

STOKE 35: Tony Atkin 11, Mitchell Davey 6+2, Ryan Terry-Daley 6, Shaun Tedham 4+2, Luke Priest 4, Paul Burnett 3+1, David Wallinger 1.


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