Monday August 28, 2017
SKIPPER Tom Perry labelled every match a must-win after Cradley kept their play-off hopes alive with a 56-34 Monmore win over the Belle Vue Colts.

Perry recorded a superb five-ride maximum and was well backed by Joe Lawlor and Connor Coles with Conor Dwyer once more potent at reserve.

“It was a meeting we definitely needed to win and it was good for myself to get 15 points, so very happy with that,” he said.

“They are all must-wins and now we must keep on going for the rest of them.”

Victory looked a tall order for Cradley with Connor Coles standing in for Danny Ayres, who was absent on compassionate leave and the Heathens running rider-replacement for the injured Richard Hall.

But the Colts, the league's pacesetters, also had their problems, Dan Bewley's injury for the senior side against Wolves earlier in the evening ruling him out. Diminutive veteran and former Heathens favourite Jon Armstrong took the No.1 racejacket and gave his usual polished performance.

However, Belle Vue also lost Rob Shuttleworth to a back injury after a first-ride fall and with Jack Smith – three meetings in one day! – inevitably fading as the night wore on, Cradley had just too much for the visitors.

Perry beat Armstrong and Smith up the inside on heat 13 and rounded the same pair in the final race to round off an outstanding evening.

CRADLEY 56: Tom Perry 15, Joe Lawlor 13+1, Conor Dwyer 12+4, Connor Coles 9+1, Luke Harris 7+1, Lewis Whitmore 0, Richard Hall R/R.

BELLE VUE: Jon Armstrong 12+2, Jack Smith 12, Andy Mellish 6+2, Luke Woodhull 4+1, Ben Woodhull 0, Rob Shuttleworth 0, Lee Payne R/R.


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