Thursday November 30, 2017
CRADLEY HEATHENS bosses have finally had the opportunity to meet to discuss the immediate future of the club.

And the message from Gary Patchett, Nigel Pearson, Chris Van Straaten and manager Will Pottinger remains clear - they are determined to do everything they can to ensure a team bearing the world famous Cradley name takes to the track in 2018.

The perennial problem of stadium availability and fixture congestion is again the single biggest obstacle to overcome.

Much will depend on the number of clubs entering the National League for the upcoming season and how many dates are available at Monmore Green, Wolverhampton.

Co-promoter Patchett said: “We enjoyed a very positive meeting on Wednesday afternoon and we are unanimously agreed we will do everything we can to keep the team on the track.

“We have some proposals we would like to present to the other clubs when we eventually get a date for the National League AGM and then we can make some firm plans. Until then we are in a state of flux.

“We need the supporters to remain patient and we thank them for that. Without going into detail, the various issues we have had to face, both individually and collectively, would have made it easier to bring the current era to a close but we are committed to keeping the Heathens going despite the challenging circumstances we have faced this year. Our hearts are definitely ruling our heads!

“We need positivity throughout the club and, most importantly, we need to be certain the support will still be there for us moving forward. Whilst there are still hurdles for us to overcome and issues to address over which we have little or no control we are optimistic of a positive result.”

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