Thursday February 15, 2018
POPULAR Bradley Andrews has been named as the final member of Cradley's National Trophy side.

New Zealand born Andrews is back with the Heathens two seasons after making his British League debut with the club.

He joins Adam Roynon, Jordan Jenkins, Kyle Bickley, Conor Dwyer, Drew Kemp and Jason Edwards in the star-studded line-up and is looking forward to his return.

Said Andrews: "The supporters were great right through and a lot are still good friends, so I'm really looking forward to meeting up with everyone again this season.

"I think the team that has been picked for Cradley has some very strong riders in it and I think I’ll have to be at my best to get my four rides."

Heathens Director Nigel Pearson said: “I’d like to congratulate Will Pottinger and Gary Patchett on the work they’ve done with the team and thank them for everything they’ve done.

“They’ve taken on the responsibility when Chris Van Straaten and myself have been unable to do so and I think they’ve delivered a very exciting team for the Heathens fans.

“I welcome Brad back with open arms, he’s a great lad and I’m sure we will see more progress from him.

“It is a shortened season for us but we all detect a lot of enthusiasm and we are hoping the enjoyment element returns. We are ready and I’m sure the fans are too.”

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