Wednesday April 25, 2018
CRADLEY Heathens bosses have revealed how they let the heart rule the head to keep the club in action this season.

Club director Nigel Pearson told a packed fans forum organised by the Heathens Supporters Trust how they were within a whisker of closing last October after eight seasons at National League level.

A combination of no new home track, less dates available at Wolverhampton and financial losses when staging home meetings at Birmingham left the club in crisis.

But Pearson said: “My head told me to close the club and I think it’s fair to say the same applied to my colleagues.

“However, the heart told me different. We still have a loyal fanbase and fantastic support from Dean and Adam Bridge at Motor Market in the town, plus the tremendous partnership with Dr Rod Brooks.

“Anybody who even suggests we are only doing this for financial gain is talking utter nonsense. The last three seasons have been tough, the fact is when we have to host meetings away from Monmore it doesn’t work financially.

“But here we are, preparing for our first National Trophy meeting at Leicester against Coventry on Sunday and I’m really looking forward to it.”

Pearson also answered fans questions on the long term and whether the management were still committed to a new track.

“If a suitable piece of land was identified – and the Trust are making that their priority – then we would be looking to do something similar to what Chris Van Straaten (Heathens director) achieved on Teesside in 2005,” he said. “Redcar started with basic facilities and are still improving year on year at the Motorsport Park. We’d love that.”

Heathens open their home Trophy campaign against Stoke at Monmore on Monday May 7 with a family fun night including a bouncy castle.

It has also been confirmed the Ollie Ommer children’s club has been relaunched for the new season.

“With projects like the Trust and the Kids Club, it just underlines what a special club this is,” said Pearson. “It also reignites some enthusiasm for me after thinking it was all over last October. Bring it on, I say.”

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