Saturday May 12, 2018
CRADLEY boss Will Pottinger praised his National Trophy team for keeping their cool after the meeting at Stoke was abandoned - but Heathens took maximum points!

They ran out 37-22 winners and the result stands after referee Stuart Wilson declared the track unfit for racing after 10

Motor Market Cradley boss Pottinger said: "We are more than happy we got the win and there have been some good performances from the lads tonight.

"Unfortunately, Bradley Andrews came down in his first heat and he got injured.

"He has concussion so he's going to be out for at least 12 days. It's unfortunate but thankfully everyone else goes home in one piece.

"We got off to a really good start and we were always ahead so we don't have many complaints.

"Luckily Eastbourne got called off early in the day so we had Jason Edwards back in the team. With losing Bradley early on it would have put more pressure on Drew Kemp so we are very fortunate and thankful. We also thank Luke Whitehead for being our number eight squad member. It's appreciated.

"The track conditions were alright but it could have been a lot better.

"The guys dealt with the situation the best they could and they used their heads to try and stay safe. It wasn't easy but they got on with it. The lads deserve a lot of credit for attacking the track.

"Unfortunately, the rain intervened so I think it was a sensible decision to call it off. We already had one rider going home injured and we didn't want any more.

"We've made a good start to the season but we know we are going to have to face tougher tests. We can only beat the opposition in front of us and we look forward to the next meeting against Coventry."

Rampant reserve Drew Kemp pulled off an emphatic three ride maximum leaving him unbeaten so far in Cradley's National Trophy campaign.

Conor Dwyer, though, suffered a frustrating night with mechanical gremlins.

Skipper Adam Roynon and Kyle Bickley produced solid performances scoring 17+1 between them.

Cradley are next in action at Monmore Green against Coventry in the National Trophy on Monday, May 21 (7.30).

STOKE 22: Max Clegg 8, Tony Atkin 5, Paul Burnett 3+2, William O'Keefe 3, Adam Extance 2+1, Joe Alcock 1, Rob Shuttleworth 0

CRADLEY 37: Jason Edwards 11+3, Kyle Bickley 10+1, Drew Kemp 9, Adam Roynon 7+1, Conor Dwyer 0, Bradley Andrews 0, Jordan Jenkins R/R


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