Saturday June 30, 2018
COOL Cradley star Kyle Bickley is ready to gun down fierce rivals Birmingham in a crunch clash on Monday night.

Bickley, 16, comes face-to-face with Brummies’fellow hot Brit prospect Leon Flint in what has been dubbed “wonderkids at war” at Monmore Green.

Ironically the much-awaited battle comes just 48 hours after Armed Forces Day so the Motor Market Heathens are offering a special discount to any fans who come with their armed forces ID.

Bickley, 16, admitted: “It’s a massive match for us. It would be great to get some of the Armed Forces there to watch us, maybe if they bring a few tanks that might show Birmingham we mean business!

“But seriously, the forces do such an amazing job and I admire all the people who fight for our country.

“My job on Monday night is to fight for Cradley. It’s going to be a very tough night because they are flying right now.

“Everyone is talking about the clash between Leon Flint and me. Yes there is a fierce rivalry and neither of us want to get beat.

“The press will hype this up into some kind of hatred. It’s not that at all. It’s more about banter and gloating.

“It’s not just us two. There are a lot of other talented kids like Tom Brennan and Drew Kemp all wanting to be the top Brit of the future.

“Trust me, it’s pretty fierce at times, the banter is vicious. But that’s brilliant motivation to succeed, peer pressure is the best pressure in some ways.

“Leon has been going good for Birmingham. But I’d like to beat him a few times for Cradley. There’s so much history in midland derbies and this is massive for Cradley to beat Birmingham so there’s so much to race for.

“We won brilliantly at Buxton who were depleted I know. But we have a very strong top four in my mind. Birmingham have had a tough year losing Mitchell Davey. But I know they’ll be fired up to get a result against us.

“It should be a great night but I know I have to beat Leon. Then I can gloat a bit!”

*Armed Forces discount: Show ID on entry to gain admission at the concessionary rate of £10.

*Collection: Please note Heathens will be holding their annual collection for the Speedway Riders’ Benevolent Fund.

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