Sunday September 30, 2018
CRADLEY’s National Trophy captain Alfie Bowtell was denied glory in the National League Riders’ Championship at Leicester on Sunday.

The 21-year-old finished on 14-points from his five programmes rides, level with Isle of Wight team-mate Ben Morley - who has also proved popular with Heathens fans in recent years.

The pair were locked in a thrilling run-off battle with Bowtell getting his nose in front as they entered the final lap.

But he then lifted and crashed out on bend two, gifting Morley the title.

Said Bowtell: “I was a bit gutted to get beat by Ben earlier in the meeting because I thought that was going to cost me overall.

“But I won all my other rides apart from that one and then Connor (Mountain) only got a third in his last ride so that meant it was me and Ben for a run-off.

“I felt like I could do it but I just lifted on that last lap after I’d got in front and that was my chance gone.

“I’m a bit stiff at the minute but I’m in one piece and that’s all that matters.

“It would have been nice to win it but I’m still really happy with how the day went for me.

“I’ve really enjoyed my meetings with Cradley this season and I’m really thankful to them.

“There were loads of their supporters there cheering me on and it was a good feeling - it was just a shame I couldn’t win it for them but I know they like Ben too so I’m sure they’re not too disappointed!”

Kyle Bickley endured a tough afternoon amassing just four points while Drew Kemp withdrew following a crash in his second outing.

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