Tuesday December 11, 2018
CRADLEY have signed former Mildenhall star Danny Halsey - and he’s determined to win the fans around.

Halsey has been at the heart of the bitter rivalry that has existed between the two clubs over the last few years.

But with a need for a change of scenery to revive his career, the experienced 30-year-old has been snapped up by the Heathens.

Whilst he admits it will “take a bit of getting used to wearing green rather than orange” he’s adamant he’ll change perceptions of him amongst Heathens supporters.

“I’m looking forward to it,” Halsey said.

“There has been a big rivalry with Cradley during my time at Mildenhall, so it’s going to be interesting to be on the other side of it.

“It might take a bit of getting used to wearing green instead of orange though!

“I just needed a fresh start after so long at Mildenhall. I had a few offers but felt Cradley was a great opportunity for me and the right move for me to make at this moment in time.

“It might take the Cradley faithful a while to take a liking to me after everything that’s happened over the years, but eventually I’ll win them over!”

Halsey will form a strong spearhead to the Heathens line-up with a return for Max Clegg also confirmed.

“I’ve always looked at Cradley as one of top teams,” Halsey added.

“Whenever they’ve been in the National League, they’ve always been a tough team to race against and been there or thereabouts.

“The team is looking strong, and I’m hoping I’ll be pushing Max (Clegg) for that No.1 race jacket.

“I’m confident I can have a good year. I think it’s a good fit for me and I want to do my bit to help the team be successful.

“It’d be nice to win the league, that’s what we’re aiming for, so hopefully it’ll be a good year.”

Club bosses Will Pottinger and Gary Patchett will be on hand at Cradley Heath Liberal Club on Wednesday night to meet fans as they host a season ticket sales night.

Max Clegg 8.63
Danny Halsey 6.53
Harry McGurk 2.00

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