Wednesday December 19, 2018
CRADLEY Heathens will be backed by more fan power than ever next season.

The Heathens 200 Club, under the Heathens Speedway Supporters Trust umbrella, have stepped forward to back the club after bosses brought them back into regular league racing following a shortened season in the Trophy.

It’s a move which has delighted supporters and the Trust have voted overwhelmingly to become a club sponsor.

Championship club Edinburgh have enjoyed support from their Supporters Trust and the backing for Cradley has been welcomed by club chiefs.

Director Nigel Pearson said: “Any support is welcome but this is a move which cements the partnership between the club and the fans.

“It’s important to emphasise money raised in previous seasons by the Trust is intended for future planning applications and track development should a suitable piece of land be identified.

“We did less than half a season in 2018 by competing in the Trophy but going back into the league makes many fans feel like they’ve got their club back.

“Support like this from the Trust through the 200 Club helps the project immensely and means a lot to us as custodians of the club at a time when we are relying on Wolverhampton to make their track available for us.”

A Trust spokesperson said: “The Heathens 200 club, under the HSST umbrella, are proud to be part of the Cradley Heathens for 2019.

“The vote was overwhelming in favour of joining other sponsors for 2019.

“The 200 club was set up for this reason, which meant not a full Trust vote was needed and the support has been amazing.

“We are hoping this continues to show the fans through the trust we are working together to keep the Cradley name and Cradley Speedway alive and in the forefront of people's minds.

“We look forward to seeing the 200 club flourish, with more fans pledging their support throughout the season.”

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