Tuesday August 21, 2012
HEATHENS remain on course to finish with the National League leaders trophy after a 54-40 win over title rivals Mildenhall at Monmore Green.

The former Cradley club need to win their last two league meetings over Rye House and the Isle of Wight to go into the play-offs top of the league and have first pick of semi-final opponents.

Reserve Tom Perry was only denied a maximum in heat 15 - whilst Adam Roynon racked up 13 valuable points from the No.1 jacket.

South African star Byron Bekker also added three race wins before an engine failure in his final outing - and with that trio accounting for 11 race wins, the solid scores of the remaining riders were all that was required.

Rider of the night Perry said: "Everyone rode pretty good and it was a great team performance.

"It will give the team a great confidence boost to beat them, so it is a massive result for us.”

A brief yet very heavy shower minutes before the meeting commenced meant that the riders had to cope with soggy track conditions - but that didn't stop Dudley as they bagged heat advantages in heats 1, 2 and 4 to open up a 6-point lead.

Ashley Morris and Perry raced to a 5-1 in the seventh race of the night - before Perry cancelled out a first Mildenhall tactical ride placed on Joe Jacobs.

The second Mildenhall tactical ride was placed on Stefan Nielsen in Heat 10 - but again it proved unsuccessful as Roynon took the chequered flag ahead of him to keep Dudley 14 points ahead.

HEATHENS: Tom Perry 16+1, Adam Roynon 13, Byron Bekker 9, Ashley Morris 6+1, Dan Greenwood 4+2, James White Williams 3, Darryl Ritchings 3.

MILDENHALL: Joe Jacobs 13, Stefan Nielsen 9+1, Lewis Blackbird 7, Josh Bates 5, Ryan Terry-Daley 2+1, Lewis Kerr 2+1, Daniel Halsey 2+1.


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