Tuesday May 21, 2013
DUDLEY Heathens kicked off their National League season in ideal fashion with a 56-36 triumph over Kings Lynn at Monmore Wood.

Heathens certainly did not have things all their own way against a depleted Young Stars side, with three 5-1s in the closing stages required to ensure they took all three league points.

A string of falls in the early stages prevented the home side from opening up any substantial advantage - and they were also forced to contend most of the meeting with just five riders after Nathan Greaves suffered a hand injury in a Heat 4 horror smash.

But Lewis Blackbird continued his inspired form with an effortless maximum to lead the side to victory, whilst Ashley Morris was also unbeaten with the exception of a Heat 10 exclusion.

Gareth Isherwood dropped just one point in the middle order following a classy display, whilst reserve Max Clegg bagged a hard-fought 11+1 on a busy night.

No.4 Dan Greenwood also recovered from a tough start to notch vital race wins in his final two rides to ensure Dudley kicked off their league campaign with a victory.

And team boss Will Pottinger was pleased to see his side eventually emerge victorious after a difficult night.

He said: "Overall I suppose you look at the level of the victory and you have to be happy, but it was a bit too close for comfort at times during the meeting.

"There are definitely things to work on, but we are pleased to take all three points in the end."

DUDLEY 56: Lewis Blackbird 15, Gareth Isherwood 12+2, Max Clegg 11+1, Ashley Morris 10+2, Dan Greenwood 8+1, Nathan Greaves 0, Paul Starke R/R

KING’S LYNN 36: Lewis Rose 14+1, Shane Hazelden 7+2, Brendan Johnson 5+1, Adam Kirby 5+1, Scott Campos 3+1, Chris Widman 2+2, Lewis Kerr R/R

National League points: Dudley 3 King's Lynn 0

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